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Guidelines to Author


Article Requirements

  • Cover Letter
  • Content (Full Text which includes tables and figures)

Article Organization

  • Article File Format
  • Length of Article
  • Article Title
  • Complete Corresponding Author Details
  • Author Names and Affiliations
  • Abstract
  • Keywords
  • Abbreviations
  • Article Text (Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussions, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, Conflicts of Interest and Bibliography)
  • Figures and Tables

Article Publishing Charges (APC)

  • Article Withdrawal Policy

Article Requirements

Authors can submit their article either through our online article submission portal or can e-mail as an attachment at:; Please include the following files:

Cover Letter

  • Explain in brief why your article is a valuable addition to the journal,
  • Confirmation of the article that it has not been published in any other journal/publisher,
  • Authors of the article should confirm that it will be published in Ocimum Scientific Publishers,
  • Include, if any funding/support received from university/institute/organization.

Content (Full Text which includes tables and figures)

Author can submit the full text which includes tables and figures as a single document (Microsoft word only) or can submit as separate documents containing full text in one document; figures and tables in another document.

Article Organization

Article File Format

  • Article should be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) and .pdf formats. Word files must not be protected,
  • Enable compatibility mode before you prepare your article.

Length of Article

  • There are no limitations in article preparation.

Article Title

  •  Article title should be concise, specific, comprehensive (limit the title to 25 words only),
  • Title should be Times New Roman (15 point bold and central aligned). Capitalize each word of the title.

Complete Corresponding Author Details

  • Provide all the details of corresponding author (Full Name, Laboratory, Department, University, Full Address, Telephone Number, E-mail). Mark Corresponding with an Asterisk. If accepted, corresponding author details will be published with the article.

Author Names and Affiliations

  • Co-authors details should include Full Name, Laboratory, Department, University, City, State, Country.


  • Abstract should provide concise description about your article,

  • Identify your purpose of the study you investigated, major findings as a result,

  • Brief summary about your interpretations and conclusions,

  • Abstract should be 250-300 words,

  • References should not be included in the abstract.


  • 5-10 keywords can be provided.


  • Use the abbreviations (if necessary).

Article Text (Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussions, Conclusion, Acknowledgements, Conflicts of Interest and Bibliography)

  • Introduction: Write brief statement of the research background in this section and it should achieve the aim of the article.
  • Materials and Methods sections includes i) study design, ii) types of analysis used, iii) types of materials involved, iv) comparisons, v) a clear description of all interventions, vi) calculations, etc. Articles should include sufficient information to be understood.
  • Results, Discussions, Conclusion: Describe and explain results, discussions related to the hypothesis presented as the basis of the study and provide a concise explanation of the implications of research findings, especially related to previous studies and important future research findings.
  • Acknowledgements: Acknowledgments should be written at the very end of the article above the references. Authors should provide all the funding information and grant numbers received from universities/institutes/laboratories/organizations in this section. Get the permissions to acknowledge from all those mentioned in the acknowledgements section.
  • Conflict of Interests: If no conflicts of interest exist, then author should state “All authors declare no conflicts of interest in this article”.
  • Bibliography: Bibliography/references must be numbered in order with URL’s and the same numbers should be cited in the text, tables and legends (reference numbers should be written in small brackets, ex: (17,18,21-25)).

    Journal Reference - Gattuso JS, Hinds PS, Beaumont C, Funk AJ, Green J, et al. (2007) Transforming a hospital nursing research fellowship into an evidence-based practice fellowship. J Nurs Adm 37: 539-545.

    Book Reference - Hinds PS, Beaumont C, Funk AJ, Green J, Gattuso JS, et al. (2011) Transforming a hospital nursing research fellowship into an evidence-based practice fellowship. In: Mark RS, Shashank P, Robin L, Ozlem T (eds.). Nursing Administration. Vol 1, Saunders Publishing House, New York, USA. Pg no: 275-282.

    Conference Papers - Gattuso JS, Hinds PS, Beaumont C, Funk AJ, Green J, et al. (2007) Transforming a hospital nursing research fellowship into an evidence-based practice fellowship. 12th International Conference on Psychology, Australian Psychological Society, Melbourne, Australia.

    Report References - Panel on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2011) Designing Better Drugs. Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, The University of Melbourne, Australia.

    Web Page Reference - []

Figures and Tables

Figures and Tables should be inserted in the Microsoft word must be numbered in order and to be cited in the text. Use Microsoft word insert add a table option to draw the tables. There should be legends/captions below the tables and figures. To reuse the published content from other sources, authors must obtain permission.

Article Publishing Charges (APC)

All Ocimum Scientific Publishers journals are open access. To publish in OSP, authors are required to pay an article publishing charges (Article Fee). Our goal is to make sure that the articles are published online immediately upon acceptance with high quality and spread widely across the globe. When an article is accepted for publication after the processing (peer review process) then an invoice is issued to the author (sent via an e-mail or payment portal) of article publishing charge. Payment of this fee allows OSP to recover it’s administrative, editorial costs and makes us easy to run the process in a well-organized way.

Based on the list of Countries and Economies Data of World Bank, we had classified Article Publishing Charges based on their income, fee ranges between USD 249 and USD 949. You can find the countries categorized as High Income, Middle Income (Middle and Upper Middle) and Low Income (Low and Lower Middle) below:

Article Publishing Charges (APC)
Based on Income USD AUD
High Income 949 1379
Middle Income 749 1089
Low Income 449 649

If you (authors) would like to apply for a waiver, please e-mail us at:

Article Withdrawal Policy

Authors can request a free withdrawal of article not more than 2 business days of submission. If author wants to withdraw his/her article from the peer review process/publication process then he/she must submit a formal letter provided by our editorial office “Withdrawal Letter - Article” signed by corresponding author and all the co-authors. Authors should mention reasons for article withdrawal in withdrawal letter. A withdrawal penalty (Withdrawal Fee) will be issued to author, if he/she would like to withdraw the article which is already under process. Based on the time spent and tremendous man power used in the article processing, to cover up all the costs, author will have to pay the withdrawal fee.

If author wants to withdraw his/her article after publication, then the APC paid by the author will not be refunded, as it had undergone processing and publication steps.


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