Journal of Nutrition, Food and Lipid Science

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  • Anti-Inflammatory Probiotic Biomarkers and the Safety of Fermented Foods
    Research Article
    Ahmed FE and Ahmed NC
    J Nutr Food Lipid Sci In Progress
  • Antisickling, antioxidant properties and fatty acids and vitamin E compositions of the oil of Azadirachta indica J. seeds used to manage sickle cell disease (SCD) in North Cameroon

    Research Article
    Charles Kotue Taptue
    J Nutr Food Lipid Sci In Progress

  • Soil Conservation Urgently Required to Cope with the Problem of Mineral Deficiency in Food and Water

    Opinion Article
    Sharma RK
    J Nutr Food Lipid Sci 2019(1): 84-85.  29 July 2019

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