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Journal publishes papers from all the fields of Aquatic Sciences Research and Advances.

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Research and Advances: Aquatic Sciences is an international full open access journal which publishes manuscripts on an open access platform and follows a strict double-blind peer review process. The journal aim is to provide a platform for young/upcoming scientists and future researchers to share/explore their research on Aquatic Sciences. Each manuscript submitted to this journal undergoes a strict double-blind peer review process under the direction of editorial staff. Manuscripts accepted are published online rapidly to reduce the time of publication. Journal welcomes all kinds of manuscripts like Original Research, Expert Reviews, Case Reports, Mini Reviews, Brief Reports, Communications, Letter to Editor, Short Commentaries and Editorials.

There are no space limitations or specific topics, the journal publishes all manuscripts within the scope of the journal judged to be sound by editors. Manuscripts submitted to the journal include, but are not limited to Algaculture, Alternative Feeds Development, Aquaculture and the Environment, Aquaculture Nutrition and Physiology, Aquaculture without Frontiers, Aquaponics, Aquatic Organism, Aquatic Physiology, Bioactives and Modifiers, Biochemistry and Physiology of Marine Organisms, Biology of Marine Organisms, Biomimicry and Bioinspired Designs for Aquaculture and Sea Ranching, Chemical Oceanography, Climate Change Impacts and Adaptations, Coral Reef Ecology, Deep Sea Flora and Fauna, Deep Sea Habitat, Eco-Hydrology, Estuaries and Coastal Zone Management, Fish Feed Technologies, Fish Pathology, Fish Stocks, Fisheries Science- Fish Oils, Fishing Technology, Freshwater Fish Culture, General Aquaculture, Harmful Algal Blooms, Ichthyology, Intertidal Organism Study, Issues Affecting Aquatic Veterinary, Larval Ecology, Limnology, Lipids in Aquaculture Nutrition and Physiology, Low-Cost Feed and Input Solutions, Low-Cost Solutions, Marine and Freshwater Organisms, Marine Biodiversity, Marine Biotechnology, Marine Chemistry, Marine Ecosystem Dynamics and Ecological Tipping Points, Marine Food, Marine Genomics, Marine Geophysical Researches, Marine Habitats, Marine Health/Disease, Marine Pollution, Marine Statistics, Multitrophic Aquaculture, Ocean Engineering, Offshore Aquaculture, Offshore Aquaculture Monitoring, Physical Oceanography, Physiology, Prebiotics, Probiotics and Immunostimulants, Programs and Practice, Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, Reproductive Physiology, Requirements and Protocols, Sablefish, Seafood Safety and Security, Seed Science Research, Smart Fish Farming Systems, Social-Ecological Systems, Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching, Sustainable Aquaculture, Sustainable Fisheries, Water Quality, Watershed Planning and Management.

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