Research and Techniques: Molecular Pathology

Board Members

  • Liam Chen

    Associate Director

    Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, USA

  • Maneesh Kumar Misra

    Clinical Fellow

    The University of Chicago Medicine, USA

  • Meenakshi Mehrotra

    Assistant Professor

    Icahn School of Medicine, USA

  • Nikhil Patel

    Assistant Professor

    Augusta University, USA

  • Mustafa Al-Kawaaz

    University of Chicago College of Medicine, USA

  • Daniela Mihaela Proca

    Clinical Associate Professor

    Ohio State Medical Center, USA

  • Shivani Golem

    Clinical Assistant Professor

    University of Kansas School of Medicine, USA

  • Baha Abdalhamid

    Assistant Professor

    University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA

  • Haili Zhang

    Assistant Research Scientist

    Texas A&M University, USA

  • Marcus Vetter

    Consultant Medical Oncologist

    University Hospital Basel, Switzerland

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