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What is an open access publishing?

Open access publishing can be defined as articles which are made freely available online without any subscription charges. OSP journals are supported by payment of an article publishing charges (APC’s) by the authors, institution or research funders of the articles. Simply, it is a pay to publish model. Upon acceptance articles can be published online immediately and made available to everyone.

What is ISSN?

ISSN means International Standard Serial Number. A journal will be assigned with ISSN once the first issue is released. Researchers and scholars are joining the editorial boards of the journals. We expect to receive ISSN’s before the end of the year 2018.

What is the journal’s impact factor?

We expect to receive Impact Factor in the year 2021 for our journals. Impact factor is based on the publications for at least 2 years and citation data of the articles.

Will the journal/publisher deposit articles in indexing sites?

Yes. OSP deposits articles in most of the indexing sites, as soon as they are published.

I want to join the editorial board, how should I?

You can join by registering online at: https://ocimumpublishers.com/register-online Or else, you can mail us at: contact@ocimumjournals.com

I want to submit my research work, please guide me.

You can submit your paper online at: https://ocimumpublishers.com/login Or else, you can mail us at: contact@ocimumjournals.com

How much does it cost publish an article in OSP journal?

You can find the APC details in guidelines to author page. Or else you can find in the individual journal's guidelines to author page.

Where can I find guidelines for a specific journal?

In each journal home page, you can find guidelines given. To visit specific journal home page, please visit the Browse Journals page and you can find all the journals in an alphabetical order.

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